Get the Intranet you deserve!

Fall in Love with your Intranet

Make it even more useful with our Intranet solution for SharePoint Online. Your Intranet can be up and running in a week, and if you have no time or people to keep it updated, our Intranet Valet(tm) service will do it for you! Read the announcement, and get in touch for a demo!

Ongoing support and Helpdesk

We took our cue from best of breed cloud technology providers, and designed a helpdesk and support offering that is as cloud-like as the datacenter in the cloud. A simple subscription model gives you access to an online helpdesk, a private knowledge base, free ‘quick-hit’ support, and Preferred support rate for thorny problems or project work.

Whether you have an IT department or need one, CloudHat.Support techs can help you out. From simple Office questions to advanced infrastructure support – we an do it all. Learn more

Get your business going with Office 365

Office 365 is the perfect platform for organizations of any size. Enterprise-grade email, document management and sharing, web-based meetings, secure messaging, video conferencing – plus full desktop Office and Office for tablets and phones – it’s all available to you. Pick the features you need, leave others behind, and never worry about infrastructure again!

In a word, it’s AWESOME. Yes, we really like it.

Get Office 365 Free for 30 days – included in the trial:

  • Office 2016 Pro Plus
  • Skype for Business
  • Social networking with Yammer
  • The best enterprise email platform with Exchange Online
  • SharePoint Online
  • Virtually unlimited personal document storage

Qualified non-profit companies and educational institutions can get Office 365 plans free!

Put custom workloads into Microsoft Azure

If you’re running legacy software, or have business workloads that need servers and other infrastructure services, Microsoft Azure is your datacenter in the sky. Run your virtual machines starting at less than $15 per month, or deliver applications directly to your workforce with virtual desktops – so many things are possible, we can’t even. Get in touch so we can help you figure it all out!