Windows 10 supports device sign-in via Azure Active Directory

If, like many of my customers, you’re considering ditching all local servers in favor of cloud-based infrastructure, there’s one thorny problem you have to overcome: central account management without a domain controller. Until Windows 10 there weren’t many good options – sure, with Windows 8 PCs you could switch to using Microsoft Accounts to sign in to your local device, but that approach brings other problems.

Windows 10 offers a fantastic new option – the ability to connect your machine to Microsoft Azure Active Directory, and use your AAD credentials to log in to Windows! That solves the “last-mile” problem, so now your Office 365 sign-in (which uses AAD) is also your Windows sign-in (which now uses AAD), and you can use central administrative creds to manage the machine and enjoy all the other benefits of being part of a managed environment, and when you add Microsoft Intune into the mix, the device management picture is that much more complete!

For businesses with mobile users or an aversion to on-prem technology (which all business should be on-prem tech averse!), this option offers a really compelling reason to move to Windows 10.