New Microsoft “Visual Studio Code” Preview – how to perform a manual install on Windows

Microsoft just released a new, free, cross-platform dev tool called Visual Studio Code. I had trouble installing it on my Surface Pro 3 because at this time the installer uses the Windows temp directory – something that I have locked down via group policy as an extra security measure – so the installer fails with an error: “Failed to extract installer”:

Here’s how you perform the manual install of Visual Studio Code.

Open your %LOCALAPPDATA% and copy SquirrelTemp folder to another location. This folder contains update.exe, the Visual Studio Code NuGet package (Code-0.1.0-full.nupkg) and a couple of other files. Open PowerShell or Command prompt, switch to the SquirrelTemp folder you copied previously, and run this command:

.\update.exe –install=c:\scratch\squirreltemp\Code-0.1.0.nupkg

A minute later, Visual Studio Code will be up and running on your machine.