Migration & Start-up

Take a look at these questions, and see if one or more of them resonate with what you face:

  • Are you looking to consolidate multiple infrastructure environments?
  • Are you replacing an old server (Small Business Server, perhaps)?
  • Does your datacenter lose power during storms?
  • Are you starting a new business and need technology to support it right now?
  • Are you thinking of upgrading to newer technology?
  • Do you only need the infrastructure for a short time?

Whether you’re consolidating multiple environments, migrating from an old Small Business Server, looking to increase resilience by moving to a datacenter that doesn’t lose power with every storm, or starting up a company and need agile and cost-effective infrastructure right now, we can help. We’ve done small migrations, large migrations, simple migrations, really super complicated migrations, hybrid cloud-on-prem configurations, extending your own datacenter to the cloud. Migrations for email, migrations for servers, migrations for applications, document management migrations – all of those are within scope of where we can help.


  • Project management
  • Technical consulting & implementation
  • Needs assessment
  • Cloud technology road-mapping
  • Ongoing support (check out the Helpdesk page for details)