Microsoft updates Office 365 Admin App

Today Microsoft released an updated version of the office 365 Admin app for mobile devices. Lawrence Chiu, senior product marketing manager on the Office 365 team writes:

Administer Office 365 on the go with the updated Office 365 admin app, which now enables you to complete common admin tasks when you are away from your computer. This could be resetting your CEO’s password, adding a new hire or deleting a user who suddenly has left the company. In addition, to help you stay in better touch with us, we added the Message Center—a central location for Office 365 service communications.

The app provides Office 365 health status tile on the home screen, and gives easy access to messages about Office 365 – which is awesome because I always have trouble keeping up with the stream of announcements.

Two features I’d like to see that aren’t (yet) there:

  • The ability to switch between tenants to make administration easier for those of us who manage multiple accounts – without having to sign out and sign in as different administrators!
  • For Windows Phone – a live tile that provides service health and message updates

I’m also a bit surprised it’s not a universal app, so it’s not available for Windows 8.1 (and Windows 10). It also doesn’t look as though the tiles on the home screen are as dynamic as they could be – even after catching up on all the messages, the display still says there are 6 ‘latest’ to review.

Despite these minor shortcomings, it’s a useful tool, so head on over to the Office blog to get details, and get it from your app store: the app is available now for Windows Phone 8.1 and Android 4.0 or later, and coming soon to iOS 8.