CPA Partner Program is now offering technology partnership to accounting companies like yours!

As a CPA, you already have a trust relationship with your clients and help them run their business. Now you can build on that relationship and help your client solve another major business problem – technology support. I’m sure this is something that has occurred to you already, but the problem is that technology support isn’t your business, growing expertise in that area is expensive, and it really isn’t core to what you do.


Now, with, you solve both issues. You can offer trusted, top-notch technology support to your clients to solve one of their most headache-inducing (and expensive!) problems, do so without having to start your own practice – and get an additional revenue stream to boot!

Why us? We’ve been offering technology support to our clients for more than 5 years. Initially the helpdesk was exclusively private, offered only to our cloud migration clients. We have since broadened our reach and are offering it as a general service to all organizations. We work with companies of all sizes – from individual entrepreneurs to multinational corporations; our services find a fit at every level of technology support: complete managed IT services, team augmentation, precision problem troubleshooting on demand.

How it works

Once you decide to add this to your services portfolio, simply let your clients know that it’s available to them. We’ll even help with marketing, if you like!

When the client signs up, they will indicate that you are their accounting partner, and we’ll register that information in our database. We will reach out to your client and provide guidance for using our services, perform any necessary onboarding, and generally take care of all the details. All tech support interaction will go directly to, requiring no additional effort on your behalf – we take care of all the details.

What we do

We offer a cloud-based, utility-like technology support for Windows and Macs, advanced technology infrastructure services for maintenance and project work, and business app development and customization. We are focused on helping businesses take advantage of next-generation cloud services delivered on Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. clients receive a private knowledge base, an online helpdesk, a Preferred support rate, and free resolution for quick-hit problems that take a few minutes to address and don’t require remote support. We also provide central pc and mobile device management, anti-virus, backup, and monitoring solutions. We’re lean, proactive, and have 100% satisfaction (you get to tell us how we do on each and every support request).

Your benefits

As long as the client remains yours, you will receive quarterly profit sharing from tech support and project-related work that we perform at this client. In other words, when we make money – so do you! Additionally, you receive discounts on our tech support services as well!

  • Profit sharing on all labor generated with the shared clientele
  • Savings on in-house tech support
  • Additional services for your portfolio

Why not let us help you get started?

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