Business Apps

“Cloud infrastructure is the best place for your business apps.”

Whether your app is a customization of existing SharePoint Online functionality, you’re building a platform from scratch, or you need to deliver 3rd party, desktop applications remotely to all your connected users¬†– Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure makes it better.

SharePoint Online

If you’re using or considering SharePoint for document management and collaboration, also consider that it’s an amazing application development platform. There are many solutions that can be built on top of SharePoint without writing code – simply by connecting things in the right way. And, of course, you can get some really powerful, complicated apps built that take advantage of SharePoint features.

Remote Apps running on your desktop

If your business apps aren’t suitable for a web environment, or the costs of adapting them to the web are just not feasible, we can get you up and running with a remote app solution. The application will run on your desktop as though it was running on your computer – while in fact it’s actually running some place in the cloud!

Custom Solutions

We can build your solution from scratch, or migrate an existing one, to new, scalable infrastructure in the cloud. Contact us for a free, short assessment of your project.