Move to the Cloud at The Department of Health and Human Services

“By deploying Microsoft Office 365 in a GCC at HHS, all of the operating and staffing divisions will be able to unify systems, enabling employees to collaborate across each department more efficiently and effectively. As an example, when public health outbreaks and emergencies occur, many disparate operating divisions of HHS are involved in the response efforts. While these operating divisions have different missions and responsibilities, much of the data, correspondence and activities are similar. The move to Office 365 will provide greater efficiency in managing cross-division processes, including data and analytics, as well as documentation management and reporting.”

Via Greg Myers Vice President of Microsoft Federal on Government

Non-profit organizations get Office 365 for free!

If your company is a non-profit, you have the opportunity to get Office 365 for free – and get even more features (like desktop versions of Office 2013) at a discount.


There are several plans to choose from – we can help you pick the right one and guide you through the trial or implementation. Here’s how to get started:

Sign up for a trial

This is the standard E3 Office 365 trial. Once your eligibility is confirmed by Microsoft, we will switch you over to one (or a mix) of the available Office 365 nonprofit plans.

Verify your eligibility

Take a look at Microsoft’s eligibility guidelines to see if you’re eligible – we can also help you with that step.

RE: Meet “Clutter” – the new Outlook mail clean-up assistant

It’s been just over a weeks since I turned on Clutter in Office 365, and I got to say – it’s awesome. My Clutter folder has successfully separated the chaff from the wheat, leaving my Inbox strictly for important stuff, while keeping things that are not-quite-junk safely within reach and still outside of my peripheral vision. Did I mention that it’s awesome?

If you don’t have the Clutter folder in your Outlook / Outlook Web App (Office 365 is required), go ahead and turn it on! Read how in this article.

Meet “Clutter” – the new Outlook mail clean-up assistant

Yesterday Microsoft rolled out a new feature to Office 365 business subscribers – a tool to help separate the wheat from the chaff in your inbox. The tool is called ‘Clutter’, and you can enable it under Options in Outlook Web App (if your organization hasn’t enabled First Release option for your Office 365 subscription, Clutter will become available later this month):

When you do, it’ll create a new folder called (unsurprisingly) Clutter, and send you a welcome message:

According to Microsoft, Clutter learns from your behavior – whether you use desktop Outlook, OWA, or Outlook on a mobile device – so it may take a bit of time for it to make a significant difference in your inbox. I’ve just enabled mine, and I will post an update about its effectiveness in about a week.

I’m also curious how mail will now be classified as ‘Clutter’ vs. ‘Junk’ – and only time will tell. I do get a fair amount of barely relevant email – stuff that I’m mildly interested in but that’s not at the top of my priority list. If Clutter can successfully filter it, it’ll definitely be a useful tool!

To learn more about Clutter, read the announcement post on the Office Blogs.

What do you think about it? Are you going to use it? Let me know!