Helpdesk & Ongoing Support

In the cloud or not, you’ll have questions, and sometimes things won’t work quite right, or it’s time to get a new PC, and maybe you need to back up some files, or get your scanner to email that document to the client. In a word, you need help. You need insurance against a myriad of technology problems that can take you offline and put you behind.

Here’s how our help desk and ongoing support service at keeps you moving forward.

Helpdesk, of course

Send a support request by email or online – get a response back right away! If we can solve your problem in 15 minutes or less, there’s no extra cost to you. If it’s a bigger issue than that, we’ll tell you what it would take to resolve it, and you’ll get seriously discounted support rates if you sign up for the monthly helpdesk service at There are plans for everyone, and the great news is that you don’t have to be a business to sign up – the helpdesk is open to families and individuals.

Equip your business with the right PCs

Choose from a range of carefully selected computers that will get you the performance you need, at prices below retail. The three tiers of device selections ensure you get the right device for the right job: Productivity for day-to-day tasks, Performance where extra oomph will bring more results, and Executive for those who value getting things done quickly and with style. All devices are licensed for professional business environments.

We try to make it simple to pick the device, without spending hours on figuring out the RAM, the hard drive, the CPU, etc. Pick the tier, pick the device, choose quantity, and that’s it!

Proactive Management and Security for computers and mobile devices

Stop worrying about viruses, updates, inventory, registry settings and a host of other problems that start to plague you once you get beyond a PC or two. For a small monthly fee per device we’ll take care of all of it! Windows Updates? Done automatically and applied when necessary. Antivirus / antimalware? Updated, addressed, and alerted in case of a detection. Need to install software on many machines at once? Done. Our centralized, proactive management and security service even includes mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows) and tablets. Did your sales guy leave his phone in the cab, with all the contacts and other privileged info? No problem, we can wipe the device clean remotely!

Cloud Backup

If you haven’t made the switch to SharePoint Online for your document management, or Windows Azure for running your apps or databases, you may still need some backup services. Don’t bother with backup USB/drive rotations… Sign up for a cloud backup service that uses a geographically distributed, redundant storage provided by Microsoft Azure to keep copies of your files safely in the cloud. With support for Mac, Windows, Linux devices – and server technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange, our cloud backup solution.

Email for Devices

Want to connect your scanner to send email when you scan your documents? We have a great, easy to use cloud-based solution for you. Simple plans or plans with advanced features (validating delivery, validating that the email was read, for example) are available.